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Map editing:
Map editing is a specialized type of editing. I check all aspects of a map including the following:

  • Graticule (neatline) and geographic coordinates
  • Scale
  • Orientation
  • Boundaries
  • Locations
  • Label placement and lettering
  • Line weights
  • Symbols
  • Optimum portrayal¬† of thematic elements
  • Spelling and fact checking of map features
  • Wording for map legends
  • Consistency with accompanying text
  • Source credits


Geoscientific illustrations editing:
Geoscientific illustrations include a wide variety of small- to large-format illustrations that pertain to the earth sciences. I edit the following types of illustrations:

  • Geologic maps, page-sized to large format (see map editing)
  • Cross sections
  • Correlation charts
  • Stratigraphic sections
  • Lithologic columnar sections
  • Well logs
  • Paleontological or mineralogical photographs and photomicrographs
  • Roadcut photographs
  • Geologic feature photographs
  • Graphs, charts, and diagrams

Each illustration receives an edit of its internal components such as the following:

  • Areal, line, and point symbols
  • Colors and patterns
  • Label placement and lettering

Each illustration is checked and cross-checked for consistency with the accompanying text to ensure that (1) the illustration supports information in the text and (2) the information in the text is supported by the illustration, where appropriate.

Here are two examples describing why cross-checking is important:

  • You might have publication that includes a page-sized map of the Frederick Valley. The geologic information on the map indicates that the valley is underlain by sandstone. However, the accompanying text describing the valley states that the valley is underlain by limestone. This is a situation where an editor would work with the author to determine which is the correct lithology for the valley: sandstone or limestone.
  • The text in this same pamphlet mentions that South Mountain is shown in “figure 1.” A check of figure 1 does not show South Mountain. This is a situation where an editor would need to work with the author to determine if the figure needs to be adjusted with the addition of a label for South Mountain or if the text incorrectly refers to figure 1.


Text Editing and Proofreading:
Text editing includes activities ranging from a highly detailed analysis of your writing to a final read through of your product just before its publication. I edit reports and other products in the fields of earth sciences (geology, stratigraphy, paleontology, mineralogy), geography, and cartography. I also edit other types of nonfiction material including blog posts, memoir, articles, essays, resumes, and web sites. I can perform the following editing tasks to make your product the best it can be:

  • Developmental editing–This step involves working with the author to address organization, consistency of terms, voice, target audience, and other aspects of the report.
  • Copyediting–This step involves making spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other technical corrections. I also perform a thorough check for consistency with style guides, if you use one.
  • Proofreading–This step is a last read-through to catch any remaining errors. If requested, I also use this step to ensure that all corrections called for during copyediting were resolved.


Writing Services:
Writing services include the following media and more. Let me know if you have a specialized need not covered by this list.

  • Blog content
  • Manuals
  • Pamphlets
  • Fact sheets
  • Letters and memoranda¬†


Consulting Services:
Consulting services include project evaluation, web site review, topic-specific research, and more.

  • Project evaluation–Is your project still just an idea? Do you need help envisioning the final product? Do you need guidance on maps? I can help you move from the idea phase to the compilation and writing stages.
  • Web site review–Would you like a fresh pair of eyes to test out your web site? I can review every page for clarity and correct wording, test every link, and offer suggestions for additional information.
  • Topic-specific research–During your writing or perhaps after the first draft, you might need someone to check the accuracy of such things as names of people or places, dates,¬† government entities and their roles, historical events, and so on.


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Catoctin Editorial Services
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